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Factory Price
it's well known to all of us that China has cheap resources and labors and Karo can offer plastic products with highest quality but lowest factory price for you, which not only can make your products attractive in price and quality, but also greatly save your company's budget!

Different Types of Molds
Karo provides a variety of plaitic molds for the customers and can manufacture plastic injection molding products with different shapes. Karo can also develop and design brand new and personalized plastic molds.

Twenty-Year Experience
With twenty-year accumulation and development, Karo has world-leading injection molding machines and experienced quality control and management personnel to ensure qualities of plastic molded products and requirements of the customers. Karo has accumulated rich research and development, design and manufacturing experience.

Accord with Export Standards  
Karo has advanced plastic molding factory and ability to develop new products. And we can also manufacture the products that customers want according to their drawings. Our development department is equipped with graphic design, 3D design, engineering drawing personnel so as to ensure that our company's innovation and development capabilities can meet the needs of the market. All of Karo's products accord with Export Standards, and they are exported to the United States and the European Countries. Karo is a common choice for many well-known enterprises!

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Karo Plastic Injection Molding Company, a Chinese mold manufacturer established in 1997, dedicates in designing and manufacturing OEM molds and parts. Karo's products cover a variety of industries from household applicances, electronics, medical, communications to sports equipments.

Our services include:
Tool design and manufacturing
Plastic injection molding
Rapid prototyping
Rubber molding
CNC machining
Surface Treatment & Assembly

We have our own tooling factory with 6000 square meters. Among the team, there are 6 engineers of more than 20 years' mold industry working experience, 10 professional QC staffs and 4 R & D Staffs focusing on the technology innovation as well as the improvement of exsiting technology. We have equipped the most advanced mold manufacturing facilities and those machines promise to build molds with high qualities as well as stable performance and carry the business forward at the same time. Karo have partners around the world. Karo nowadays is an international company able to produce a lot of different components for many fields. The success in the overall business comes from key parameters like fantastic equipments, high qualities, excellent designs, perfect team work, innovation, and competitiveness, etc. Which make Karo the ideal partner for you!

Advantages of Karo
Capability of Independent Mold Development
The engineering department first analyzes the product structure according to the requirements of the mold design provided by the customer, to confirm whether the final product structure should be adjusted; after confirmation of the product design modification, the 2D and 3D drawings of the mold design are completed and go through an internal review within one week, then are submitted to the customer for confirmation; after customer's confirming of the drawings, the molds are processed in the workshop according to the drawings(CNC, EDM, wire cutting, machining, etc); the quality control department inspect the molds and if they are qualified, they will continue to be assembled and tested by the fitter team; after final inspection of quality control department, the samples and the inspection report will be delivered to the customer.

Capability of New Product Development
Karo has 20-year experience in product development of European and American market, involving each process from product design to mass production. We have offered a variety of design options for many companies and institutions including the world's top 500 companies. Karo has a profound understanding and grasp on the habits of European and American customer.

Capability of High-precision Product Design
Owning an independent molding factory with 20-year high-precision product design experience for European and American leading enterprises
(1) To determine the overall program, the main parameters, principles and the main structure.
(2) To complete the main calculation of the product and the design of major parts.
(3) To provide detailed specifications and design documents for the production of samples.

Capability of Manufacturing
(1) Injection molding production: Karo is equipped with state of the art injection molding machines. In the past 20 years, we have used a variety of injection molding materials, including: ABS, flame-retardant ABS, HIPS, flame-retardant, PS, HDPE, PMMA, PC, PVC, PP, TPR and TPU. We have accumulated rich practical experience in the injection conditions and processes of different materials.
(2)We have years of experience in the processing of plastic and metal, and we have the production capacities of painting, welding, silk screening and printing. 

Selection of Raw Materials
(1) Karo always looks for the most suitable and the lowest-priced raw materials of the design on the basis of being very familiar with the characteristics of every material.
(2) If the product has a requirement on the use of imported engineering plastics, Karo will directly purchase raw materials from foreign manufacturers, to avoid the purchase of counterfeit imported engineering plastics and to ensure the quality of the raw materials.

Are you looking for a good supplier for your project? Karo is definitely your best choice! Please contact us at: sales@moulded-parts.com