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Factory Price
it's well known to all of us that China has cheap resources and labors and Karo can offer plastic products with highest quality but lowest factory price for you, which not only can make your products attractive in price and quality, but also greatly save your company's budget!

Different Types of Molds
Karo provides a variety of plaitic molds for the customers and can manufacture plastic injection molding products with different shapes. Karo can also develop and design brand new and personalized plastic molds.

Twenty-Year Experience
With twenty-year accumulation and development, Karo has world-leading injection molding machines and experienced quality control and management personnel to ensure qualities of plastic molded products and requirements of the customers. Karo has accumulated rich research and development, design and manufacturing experience.

Accord with Export Standards  
Karo has advanced plastic molding factory and ability to develop new products. And we can also manufacture the products that customers want according to their drawings. Our development department is equipped with graphic design, 3D design, engineering drawing personnel so as to ensure that our company's innovation and development capabilities can meet the needs of the market. All of Karo's products accord with Export Standards, and they are exported to the United States and the European Countries. Karo is a common choice for many well-known enterprises!

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Company Profile

Karo is in business of plastic injection mold since 1997, and Karo has its own manufacturing plant in Xiamen. Our services include plastic injection molding, mold design, rapid prototyping, CNC machining, Rubber molding, etc. Our products covers many fields like electronic, household appliance, medical, communication, automotive, sports equipment, etc.

Karo's factory covers an area of 6000 square meters. We have purchased state of the art injection molding machines ranging from 80 to 2,000 ton, as well as other equipment like mirror EDM, measuring machines, etc. We have six engineers who have been in this field for 20 years. Our professional team is always here to solve all your problems. Our annual output value is 5 million to 8 million dollars. And 50% of our products are exported to the United States, nearly 40% of the products are sent to European countries, and 8% to the Middle East. 

factory and facilities

We have a professional team for your plastic injection molding. Once your files are sent to our Mold Design Department where we start creating your tooling with exact dimensions of your part. Twenty years of experience has allowed us to improve precision tooling for the injection molding process. Which ensures you superior quality precision parts.

China is a country that has a large population, vast territory and abundant resources, which determines the competitive price of our products. That's why a lot of foreigners build their factories in china. China's labor and materials are so much cheaper than that of western countries, so we can greatly save your company's budget and you'll have products attractive in price and quality.

In order to make sure the finish product is up to the highest level of standards, Karo has a complete quality assurance system, from raw material selection to shipment, each process is strictly carried out based on the QC system. Which includes examination & confirmation of drawings, raw material inspection, visual inspection for manufacturing process(for problems like sink marks, gas and burn marks, liquid plastic flashing, short shots and knit lines that occur in injection molding process), semi-products inspection, finished product inspection, package inspection, inspection before shipping, and so on.

Every year, our company put 30% of the profit in our R & D Department to innovate and improve the existing technology so as to keep the leading position in the world. Our professional staff work tirelessly to research and develop new and better products.

Are you looking for a plastic injection molding manufacturer for your project? Karo can provide the most competitive factory price for you. We can send you some of our products for your reference if you are interested. We are looking forward to cooperating with you sincerely.