• Features and Applications of Rapid Prototyping Technology

Features and Applications of Rapid Prototyping Technology (Part One)

The feature of rapid prototyping technology is that it can quickly produce products without machining equipment or dies, and it can make any complicated 3D geometry object. The more complex parts show the superiority of rapid prototyping technology. In addition, rapid prototyping technology is particularly suitable for parts which are difficult to be made or can not be made by complex cavities, complex surfaces and other traditional methods.

Rapidity of rapid prototyping technology
Design and processing information for a new part can be obtained by modifying or reorganizing a CAD model. Parts can be produced from a few hours to dozens of hours, which makes rapid prototyping technology have the outstanding feature of rapid manufacturing.

High flexibility of rapid prototyping technology
Complex manufacturing processes can be accomplished without any special fixture or tool, and tools and dies, prototypes and parts can be quickly manufactured.

Rapid prototyping technology achieves two major advanced goals which are pursued by the mechanical engineering science over the years, that is, integration of extraction and manufacturing processes of the materials as well as integration of CAD and CAM. 
Applications of rapid prototyping technology are mainly as the following
Rapid prototyping technology can quickly convert the CAD model of the product design into the physical model so as to easily verify the differences between design ideas of designers and rationality, assembly and beautiful appearance of product structures. The problems in the design can be found and modified in time. If the traditional method is adopted, several steps such as drawing, process designs, tooling and mold manufacturing will need to be completed, which will make the product have long cycles and high costs. If the product is directly in production without design verification, there will be a great loss once a design error occurs.

Using rapid prototyping technology to test and design manufacturability and assembly of automobiles, satellites and missiles can greatly reduce difficulty of designing and manufacturing this kind of complicated system. In order to make sure of the best and reasonable process, rapid prototyping technology can be used for trial production of complicated parts which are difficult to be dealt with. In addition, rapid prototyping technology is also an effective means of offering product samples for customers and marketing, which is a technology of concurrent engineering and agile manufacturing. 
rapid prototyping technology


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