• Influences of automobile industry on plastic injection molding industry

Influences of Automobile Industry on Plastic Injection Molding Industry

What is plastic injection molding?
Plastic injection molding is to inject the molten plastics into the molds by pressure and to form a variety of plastic parts after cooling them. There are special injection molding machines for injection moldings. The most commonly used plastic is polystyrene.

The demands of plastic injection molding products for automotive industry
The development direction of the world's automotive materials technology is that the materials become lightweight and environmentally friendly, and reducing cars' own weight is considered to be one of the most effective measures for reducing vehicle emissions and improving the efficiency of combustion. Taking cars as an example, when their weights are reduced by 10%, they can save 6%-8% of fuel consumption and reduce about 4%-%9 of emissions. When it comes to weight losses of cars, plastic is generally considered to be one of the most ideal alternative materials. Besides reducing cars' weights, plastic parts can also effectively reduce the friction between the transmission parts, improve wear resistances, reduce the quantity of the parts, and process energy consumption as well as increase safety, comfort and sealing of cars.

The trend of automotive products being made of plastic has increased demands for automotive plastic parts. China's various types of plastic products for boats and cars have reached about 2 million tons. The value of these products is up to hundreds of billions based on the average market price. At present, more than 90% of our automotive plastic parts are made by plastic molds. The rapid development of automotive industry has provided a more obvious market space for the related injection molding products and mold products.

In recent years, the rapid development of automotive industry has led to the development of plastic industry. With the technological innovation, requirements of automotive industry on plastic parts also get higher. Automotive lightweight technology research makes composite materials and innovative materials applications mature.

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